What Catches Our Eye

I feel that there are many good ways to make a good blog the first being you need to have  pictures, to me that draws you in to want to read the blog. The second thing you need is a few short sentences explaining what the blog is about and depending on what it is about for example like fashion it is good to give your opinion on the topic. Third is you need to have catchy words or sayings because that makes the reader want to actually sit there and read what you have to say. People don’t like to have to sit and read a blog that is a couple of pages most people don’t have time for that so the number one goal to have a good blog is you need to make it short and sweet so it gets to the point. When I read blogs that is  what draws me in is if they have pictures that lets me to be able to see what they are talking about and for it to be short and sweet. I recently looked at a blog about valentines day and there were pictures of home made cards that helped give me ideas for cards that I can make for people for Valentines day. Other blogs I saw about Valentines day were about giving someone a small gift like giving them their favorite candy bar or a candle just something that gets them surprised and it didn’t have to cost to much. These are the kinds of blogs that I look for either to help give me ideas for holidays like Valentines day and Christmas and even Easter. I also look for blogs that can help me with fashion so I always know what the latest trends that are going on with each season. These are the types of blogs that interest me. In order to have good blog comments you have to make sure to read the person’s blog fully and be honest with your comments and you can’t make it a sentence it has to be at least a paragraph or more, so that the blogger can see the mistakes he or she has made or be able to see the things that they have done right.




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