How can we get more followers for our businesses

In today’s society we see more and more people using twitter especially for marketing businesses. Facebook is getting to be something of the past and twitter is the future. According to  Liau Yun Qing here are just a few tips to increase your twitter follower count

1. Be engaging
Instead of just creating an account, McMahon said businesses will need to participate more on Twitter by using functionalities such as retweets, mentions, topical conversation and hashtags.

She noted that she would follow a company’s twitter account if they tweet content that makes her laugh or think, links to her topics of interest or things she can use such as discount or online resources.

Guillermo Mata, co-CEO at New York-based Web Development Group, said he would follow a business on Twitter if it posts unique content and actually engages with other members.

2. Ensure value to followers
Jeff Ferguson, CEO of Internet marketing consulting firm Fang Digital Marketing, said instead of focusing on increasing follower count, companies can focus on generating quality content and followers will come on their own.

Wise added that organizations can share content that will add value to a user’s knowledge and support his or her business objectives to gain new followers.

McMahon added that organizations can leverage its existing followers and request them to recommend the business to their friends. However, she said they should not “constantly bombard” followers with requests, instead they a well-timed ask of an engaged existing follower base can be beneficial.

3. Make it easy for others to follow
Bryan Woodruff, business development manager at 360 PSG, said companies should make sure that the icon to follow on Twitter is prominently displayed on their Web site. He added that employees can also include a link to the Twitter account in their e-mail signatures.

Woodruff added that businesses should also make sure that their Twitter information is listed on social media pages and on promotional materials.

4. Participate in “trending topics”
Russell said she uses trending topics to promote the company’s tweets, for example, by tweeting about the Olympic when it trends.

She added that the company also uses popular hashtags, such as #FF which stands for “Follow Friday” to promote others’ Twitter account.

5. Follow key personalities
McMahon said businesses can follow the kind of people or organizations they hope will follow back.

Wise added businesses can retweet key influencers to gain their following and subsequent engagement.

Maintain account to prevent dropout
When a user follows the company Twitter account, Russell said she personally messages each new follower with a thank you message as well as links to the company Web site and LinkedIn account. She added that the message shows the followers that the account is real and not a bot.


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One thought on “How can we get more followers for our businesses

  1. I never realized how much thought goes into a business’ twitter. These are really good tips to gain followers for a business. I especially like the company wisely timing engagement of the audience, and engaging with Thank you’s to the audience. I would definitely get people I knew to follow a business that did these things.

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