How fast Memory Fades

In the year 2010 the Toyota company made an unethical error when they betrayed their promise by ignoring safety concerns and delaying recall investigations just so that they can save some money. The Toyota car company lost production and sales once the story hit national news. As the story started too die down production and sales rose. This shows us how Press Relations and media make all the difference in our corporate world today. I don’t believe values were hurt in the choices that were made by the company. The overall values were shown when the company held out recalling cars that they had known were defective. This shows the values of the Toyota company is in the profits  of shareholders and executives. Overall production and sales will stay the same until another media storm hits. They should have recalled the known vehicles that had brake problems. They should not of worried about their profits and worried more on generalized safety. They also could of done more research and development through product and safety. Reimbursing the families of victims could have been another option for them. In the long run organizations don’t have to worry about anything else then profits as long as you hold a good reputation and standing in your field.  This example can be shown with all major corporations and companies such as City Group, AIG, BP, Walmart, Dyncorp, Chevron, 3M, Apple, and Philip Morris. Even though we preach in classes today that ethics is one of the most important business models these businesses show how easily people forget the ethics that companies push aside everyday. So did this problem effect Toyota in anyway in the long term with customers. For those who have a memory yes it did, however for most of the world their memories faded just as soon as the story switched from Toyota to the next company who did something wrong.



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