Hashtag Epic Fail

I think that the organizations have been successful in using twitter to promote their products because a lot of the time the hashtag’s are usually trending either for a new item in the store or a new collection in the store.  Most of the time it helps people that are following the organizations be able to be informed quicker about new and upcoming items, it’s profitable for the organization because its an easier way for them to get the word out. A lot of the people are using social media like Twitter and its how the people stay up to date with the newest trends and in doing so gets the organizations more customers.  The Celeb Boutique saw that Aurora was trending so they decided to get on the bandwagon to promote Kim Kardashian’s  inspired Aurora dress, but it turns out that Aurora was only trending because of the horrific Dark Knight Rises mass shooting.  Celeb Boutique’s tweet was left up for about an hour they then  removed the tweet from its page, and posted the following apology claiming that the individual that posted the tweet was not based in the U.S. and, therefore, not aware of why #Aurora was trending in the first place. This was the exact apology that was said “We are incredibly sorry for our tweet about Aurora. Our PR is not US based and had not checked the reason for the trend. At that time, our social media was totally unaware of the situation and simply thought it was another trending topic. We have removed the very insensitive tweet, and will of course take more care in the future to look into what we say in our tweets. Again, we do apologize for any offense caused. This was not intentional and will not occur again. Our most sincere apologies for both the tweet and the situation.” I feel that this was a good save for the organization because the person that posted it was not based in the U.S. so that they were unaware about what was happening at the time. I feel that they did a good thing by realizing the tweet and taking them down and that they did apologize because of all the back lash that they got from the hashtag.







Follow The Plan

Susan G. Komen is an organization best known for its mission to fight breast cancer and get awareness to the community. They have raised  1.5 billion as of 2010 and are still continuing to this day their mission to destroy breast cancer. Two reasons for  Susan G. Komen’s downfall are the unnecessary self-inflicted crisis  that was caused by an action that contradicted the organizations specified mission.  Second was the result of the first problem, that it almost terminated  the organizations existence. Susan G. Komen the biggest breast cancer aid organization, in January 2012, spoke of a plan to cut financial aid to Planned Parenthood’s women’s health initiatives. The plan set off a wave of criticism and feedback. Social media had the first major reaction to the news then came mainstream media. This led to the organization being caught in a catch twenty-two whether it was pro choice or anti-abortion. The organizations communication efforts were weak and caused story to grow larger then it ever should have. Strategies that were implemented by the group were “naive” at best. The group had hoped by giving bureaucratic justifications as answers for this plan it would cover it up. The result was the opposite, support for the organization dropped tremendously and donations fell heavily. The only hope for them was to let the CEO Nancy Brinker and president Elizabeth Thompson step down from their positions. In turn media and social  networks stopped covering the story and let blame go towards management with poor decision making. The organizations fall from refinement wasn’t the result of a communications problem but in fact it was from the outcome of a procedure and a strategy problem. It was intensified by a vital error in reading the priorities of its contributors.  Many companies today have the same problem as Susan G. Komen did, they do not understand the proper methods of developing a procedure and running with it. If more companies would learn how to do this it could lend itself to less problems after a crisis has occurred.



Life In The Producer’s World

I decided to interview a good friend of mine. I haven’t met her in person but have talked to her online for four years now. She is someone that I look up to and admire she has come so far in her career as a producer. Candace Charee Basques is CEO and the founder of Frame 7 productions and she went to school at Heritage Academy. The first time that I even heard about Candace was at a Twilight Convention back in September of the year 2010, she was the entertainment at the Karaoke night she sang two of her new songs that she had been working on.  Unfortunately, I never really got to introduce myself to her until I got home and found her on Twitter and Facebook. We just started talking and have been ever since the convention. I conducted the interview over the phone because she lives in Mesa, Arizona.  It was very interesting to find out more about what she does in her career as a producer and how far she has grown in her career. A typical day for Candace usually consists of taking her son to school and getting her husband’s lunch ready for work. While they are off at school and work Candace is writing emails, making phone calls for her new project called Significance which is a movie/television show. She is not only a producer she is also a writer currently her and her husband are writing a novel together. She is still working on her music company that she is CEO of is her agency for everything that she does in her career. She has been working on her current project Significance for over a year now, this project is the one that she is most proud of. Significance is actually based on a best seller book series which has a total of four books in the series. Significance has a very well known cast with people such as Jeremy Sumpter who played Peter Pan in the movie Peter Pan and Michael Welch who played Mike Newton in Twilight. Candace has a Facebook fan page for Significance when she first started this page they only had 1,000 fans now they have 7,000 fans, she just makes it personal by offering prizes, and talking with the fans on the page and tell them more about the project. She has 3 or 5 interns that help run the page as much as possible.  She said the one thing that she wished she would of known before starting in her career was the movie industry. This is a field that I am most interested in pursuing in the future she gave me some tips for anyone wanting to be in this industry. Number one find a mentor someone that has done this before and you can learn the ropes from. Number two make connections and have business conversations. Number three go to every event be at the places where you know celebrities might be. Lastly, number four find a project that you are passionate about and toughen up be positive, don’t let negativity get to you.


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